Merseyside in the Top 5 for car theft!


Did you know your car can be stolen within seconds by boosting your car keys signal from the house to the car or by key cloning. This technology is readily available from the internet. We have the solution – by installing our Pandora advanced car security systems we can protect your vehicle against theft.

In 2018 it hs been revealed that Merseyside is amongst the top 5 areas in the UK for car theft and car theft is more prevelant now than ever!

Pandora Car Alarms, desinged by the Russian Military are the most advanced security systems in the world. With a Pandora Alarm you can remote start your vehicle from up to a mile away, track your vehicle live from anywhere in the world, immobilise your vehicle if it is stolen and retrieve your vehicle from it’s exact location using GPS! All Pandora alarms are uncrackable by key cloning and signal boosting technologies keeping you one step ahead of the thieves!

We are the exclusive dealer for Pandora in the North West & North Wales so hit us up on social media or check out our Pandora tab further updates

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